Founder’s statements
from the Press Conference

Founder’s statements from the Press Conference

Enrique Martinez
CEO of Fnac Darty

Klaus-Peter Voigt
CEO of the European Retail Alliance

Pieter Haas
CEO of the MMSRG

“For companies today, the customer must be at the focus of all considerations and activities. We must meet the customer’s needs in the best way possible, anytime and anywhere. This can only be achieved through close cooperation with manufacturers and brands, with digital innovation being as prominent as the circular economy and after-sales services.”

Fnac Darty Logo

Enrique Martinez

“I’m looking forward to my new role as CEO of the European Retail Alliance, through which we plan to set the course for a successful future for CE commerce in Europe. It is far more than just a procurement alliance. We intend to create an open, leading consumer electronics alliance concentrating on relevant added value for all stakeholders.”

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Klaus-Peter Voigt

“The core idea of era is the conviction that in times of ‘digitization’ and ‘Amazonization’, retailers and their industry partners should work together and pool their expertise and strengths. Only together can we achieve reach and relevance on a par with the big international players from Asia and the USA.”

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Pieter Haas


First phase
Areas of cooperation intended to explore

The parties plan to create a joint venture, which functions as the holding company of the alliance, and separate operational entities for each of the value creation areas. No material financial impacts are expected for 2018. Potential financial synergies beyond this point are still under evaluation. Financial impacts should start progressively in 2019 with a full effect targeted in 2020.

era Strategic Partnership Management

Strategic partnerships with suppliers at an international level as well as new value propositions for strategic suppliers

era Sourcing

Combined private label sourcing and licensing activities by creating a jointly owned private label organization

era Data

Co-develop data analytics capabilities

era Innovation

Utilize MediaMarktSaturn‘s innovation approach and Retailtech Hub for piloting innovations and new technologies

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A truly European platform
Offering advantages for all parties involved

The European Retail Alliance will be open to other market players and plans to become a truly European platform offering advantages for all parties involved.

The MediaMarktSaturn Retail Group is Europe’s leading commerce company for consumer electronics and related services. It sees itself as a partner, daily companion and navigator for consumers in an increasingly digitized world. MediaMarktSaturn and its portfolio of formats and brands flexibly respond to the needs of different customer groups and countries. Apart from fronting the MediaMarkt and Saturn brands, which comprehensively network their more than 1,000 bricks- and-mortar stores with online sales platforms, the Media-Saturn Group operates online pure players such as iBood as well as the music streaming service JUKE. Moreover, its portfolio includes its own brands PEAQ, KOENIC, ISY and ok. Majority-owned by CECONOMY AG, in 2016/17 MediaMarktSaturn and its approximately 65,000 employees in 15 countries generated total sales of about €22 billion.

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